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Melissa oilNative to south-central Europe, Iran, Central Asia, and the Mediterranean Basin, Melissa Officinalis (also known as lemon balm) is a perennial plant from the mint family of Lamiaceae. The Melissa Officinalis plant reaches a height of 70 to 150 cm, and its leaves have a delicate lemon-like scent.
The name of the Melissa Officinalis plant comes from the Greek word for “honey bee”, as the white flowers of the plant attract bees.

The leaves of Melissa are widely used all around the world. They can be used as a herb, in tea, and some use it in cooking as well. What is more, honey produced from Melissa plantis believed to be one the most delicious honey in the world. Moreover, Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil is widely used in the perfumery industry for its fresh, lemony aroma. Additionally, Essential Oil from Melissa Officinalis is used in alternative medicine, for relaxation purposes, and aromatherapy.

Even though Melissa Officinalis has been used for hundreds of years, the mass cultivation of the plant begun in the 16th century.

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Components of the Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil

Essential Oil is distilled from fresh or dried Melissa Officinalis plants, using the plant’s flowers, leaf, and branches. The most common extraction method is steam distillation (which is also used by our company), or chemical extraction. What makes the essential oil one of the most expensive essential oils is that as much as 7 tons of Melissa Officinalis plant is necessary to produce just one pound of the essential oil.

Since it is a rather expensive essential oil, some producers sell the oil which is actually a blend of lemongrass oil and citronella oils. The 100 per cent pure Melissa Officinalis Oil is a slightly yellow-coloured liquid with a distinctive fresh aroma and a delicate lemony tone – that is what you get from us, too.

The prime elements contained in the Melissa Officinalis Oil are: 39 per cent citronellal, 33 per cent citral, and 2 per cent gerenial. However, the variability of both the content of the oil and its quality has been observed, depending on the harvest of the Melissa Officinalis plant – time and number of cut as well as cut height of the plant are said to affect the quality of the essential oil.

Benefits of Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil

Arguably the most studied essential oil of all, Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil is proved to have numerous benefits.

  • Said to Improve Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil is believed to be one of the most poweful natural remedies for Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study, the use of Melissa Essential Oil improves the condition of patients with severe dementia, which presents a big management problem for patients with cognitive impairment in particular.

  • Relaxes the Mind

For centuries, Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil has been used to treat wounds and induce sleep. What is more, Melissa Officinalis Oil is said to promote feelings of relaxation, and today it is widely used in aromatherapy in the treatment of patients with mental problems like melancholia.

  • Promotes Restful Sleep

Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil also promotes restful sleep, too. According to researches, people sleep more peacefully throughout the night with a Melissa Officinalis Oil supplementation. Hyperactivity and other conditions in children can also be improved with Melissa Officinalis Oil.

But the oil’s benefits do not end here – women suffering from interrupted sleep due to menopause reportedly feel much better after taking a Melissa Officinalis and valerian extract.

  • Improves the Appearance of the Skin

People started using Melissa Offinalis Oil for the first time as early as the 14th century, when the Queen of Hungary used it to soften the wrinkles on her face. Even today, the valuable oil is still used to improve skin appearance and soften wrinkles.

  • Is a Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent

Studying Melissa Officinalis Oil’s qualities, scientists have found that the oil can has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities. Thus, it can be implemented in the treatment of various diseases which lead to inflammation. Eczema, edema, and other conditions can be cured with the oil, with the oil being administered orally or applied to wounds.

  • Prevents and Treats Infections

Last, but not least, Melissa Officinalis has powerful antiviral and antifungal properties, and can be used to stop severe bacterial infections. Thanks to the antimicrobial effects of the Melissa Offcinalis plant, Melissa Officinalis Oil has better antibacterial qualities than Lavender Essential Oil against Gram-positive bacterial strains, one of which is candida.

Why Use Organic Essential Oils

As you already know, essential oils are oils produced from plants or herbs, they are 100 per cent natural and do not contain any toxic chemicals. Essential oils have a great number of medicinal qualities and can be used in the treatment of all kinds of physical and mental diseases.

On the other hand, fragrance oils are synthetically produced oils which only mimic a given oil’s aroma. As their name suggests, fragrance oils are used in the perfume industry, they are often included in candles, and in skin products as well.

What most people do not know about fragrance oils is that essentially, they are a cocktail of toxins. Contained in fragrance oils are harmful chemicals such as benzyl acetate, parabens, sulfates, benzaldehyde, and many more.

People come in touch with these harmful oils via direct application, by contact with items containing fragrant oils or by exposure to air which contains fragrance oils. Surely, they can smell just like their essential oil counterpart, but they do not have the powerful medicinal qualities essential oils have. In fact, fragrance oils can cause skin irritation, dry skin, migraines, asthma attacks, and even eczema, too.

Melissa Lemon Balm
Melissa Lemon Balm