About US

MelissaBased in Stozher village in the Dobrudja region, Bulgaria, we are one of the biggest producers and wholesale suppliers of Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, and Organic Apples. Our family company was founded in 2010 and ever since has been a leader in the production of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil, and Organic Apples.

We do not simply deal in essential oils and Organic Apples. In fact, we cultivate the Lavender and Melissa Officinalis plants which are contained in our natural essential oils, as well as the apple trees which produce our delicious Organic Apples. Moreover, we believe in the organic way of life and that is why our plant and tree cultivation methods do not include toxic chemicals and pesticides. Instead, we use natural fertilisers to nourish our Lavender and Melissa Officinalis plants, as well as our apple trees.

Experience has taught us a lot. One of the main things we have learned is thatt without dedication, a business is doomed. Thus, through hard work and commitment, we have managed to expand our Lavender, Melissa Officinalis, and apple tree fields. Currently, we own and cultivate 150 decares of Lavender plants, 20 decares of apple trees, and 20 decares of Melissa Officinalis plants.

We utilise steam distillation process to extract essential oils, thus making them unparalleled in terms of quality. By the way, we are one of few Bulgarian suppliers to select only healthy and good-looking plants for the steam distillation process. Choose our essential oils and you will see the difference.

Experience has also taught us the importance of quality assurance. That is why our Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil are CERES certified, toxic chemical-free and completely safe for use. What is more, to us quality control is another vital component for a successful business. That is why we choose only competent distillers and plant growers to become members of our big family.

Become members of our family today by purchasing our unparalleled Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Melissa Officinalis Essential Oil, and/or our delicious Organic Apples. Our produce is CERES certified, and you can purchase it at competitive wholesale prices.