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organic Bio applesBelonging to the Rosaceae family, apples are a pomaceous fruit produced by apple trees. Apples have long been praised for their numerous health benefits – they aid digestion, improve skin condition, lower the chance of heart disease, etc. And the best part is that they are incredibly delicious!

There are more than 7,500 different species of apples which come in a variety of colours – there are red, green, and yellow apples. Apple trees can grow in a variety of climates and soils. Nevertheless, as with any other fruit tree, it is best to grow apple trees in soil rich in nutrients, as it will produce the best results.

The skin of the apple fruit is thin and sturdy, whereas the inner part is thick and juicy. As the fruit ripens, the inner flesh of apples softens. The innermost part of apples hold the apple seeds, which are believed to be dangerous to people’s health.

The complete genome of the apple fruit was decoded in 2010 and this has led to intense research on the subject of apples and why are they so healthy.

Founded more than five years ago, we are a family company producing and selling Organic Apples in large quantities. Our production is completely organic, which means that there are no pesticides or toxic chemicals in our Organic Apples.

Organic Apple Nutrition

Essentially, the only difference between organic and non-organic apples is that non-organic apples are filled with pesticides, which are sprayed on the apple trees to protect it from insects. Otherwise, organic and non-organic apples have relatively similar nutrition.

Organic Apples contain no fat, sodium, cholesterol or, as mentioned above, pesticides. Among the beneficial components of apples are antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B, and high dietary fiber. Apples are a water-rich fruit which boost energy, thus helping you feel full. Due to their various healthy components, apples are usually called “nutrition powerhouses”.

Potassium, copper, vitamin K, magnesium, and manganese are among the other healthy nutrients contained in apples. Apples are great for people trying to lose weight, too, as a single apple provides 12 per cent of the daily fiber requirement. Additionally, apples contain flavonoids and phytonutriends, as well as polyphenolic compounds such as phloridzin and epicatechin.

Our sorts:

  • Florina
  • Melodia
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith

Health Benefits Of Organic Apples

Below, we have listed some of the incredible health benefits of apples:

  • Aid in Digestion

Since apples are rich in fiber, they are incredibly effective for slowed digestive processes. The regular consumption of Organic Apples makes for a smooth bowel movement as well as prevent diarrhea, IBS, constipation, and other digestive problems. What is more, fibers contained in apples stimulate the release of bile and digestive juices, too. Additionally, Organic Apples remove excess cholesterol from the veins and arteries, thus reducing the chance of artherosclerosis.

  • Boost the Immune System

As you may know, consuming enough vitamin C-rich foods is proved to boost the immune system, and vitamin C is found in abundance in Organic Apples. But Organic Apples are not only rich in vitamin C: they contain antioxidants and proteins, which improves the muscle tone. Additionally, Organic Apples are recommended in diets, since they help detoxify the body.

  • Prevent Cancer

According to research, Organic Apples show improvement in the condition of patients suffering from different types of cancer, especially breast and colon cancer. Nevertheless, the most conclusive discoveries made so far affect lung cancer. Organic Apples are proved to have an unparalleled capacity to reduce lung cancer, as well as slow its spread.

  • Probiotic Effects

The pectin fiber contained in Organic Apples serves as a probiotic. What is more, pectin improves the functioning of bacteria living in the large intestine. Last, but not least, Organic Apples improve the metabolism and promote good bacteria in the gut.

To sum up, Organic Apples not only improve the general health condition, but also eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.

Why Choose Organic Apples

As we mentioned above, there is a substantial difference between Organic Apples and conventionally-raised apples in that the former contain no pesticides. Below, we will discuss what are pesticides, why they are harmful and why you should not consume products containing pesticides.

  • Pesticides Are Toxic

Pesticides are toxic chemicals used to protect the apple tree by exterminating insects. But they are not only harmful to insects – they are harmful to people as well. Pesticides have a direct link to brain and nervous system toxicity, hormone disruption, skin irritation, and even cancer.

  • Organic apples taste better.

Since Organic Apples do not contain any harmful chemicals, they are more delicious than conventionally-raised apples, and they have a natural apple aroma. Additionally, Organic Apples are harvested in an Eco-friendly way, which improves their taste even more.

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