Organic Lavender Oil

front 2 oilThere are more than thirty plant species of Lavender used to produce Lavender Essential Oil. Each plant species of Lavender is renown for different purposes. For example, Lavandula Vera, also known as Bulgarian Lavender, is said to be one of the best Lavender plant species as it is used to produce the highest quality of Organic Lavender Oil – Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil.

Engaging in the wholesale of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, our company cultivates and harvests Lavandula Vera. This Lavender plant species is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and deep, fixative aroma with a delicate herbaceous tone. The Essential Lavender Oil we produce preserves the incredible qualities of Lavandula Vera, which makes it a product of exceptional quality. Additionally, our produce is CERES certified.

Lavender Oil is used as a prime component in perfumes, but other scented products may also contain Lavender Oil, too. In fact, it is no other than Bulgarian Organic Lavender Oil that is used in the perfume industry, since Bulgarian Lavender Oil stands out with its stronger and more distinctive aroma. The Oil From Lavender is also implemented in the pharmaceutical industry.

History of Bio Lavender Oil

Organic Lavender OilUsed for more than 2500 years, essential oil produced by Lavender, is the world’s most commonly used Essential Oil. Interestingly, the name Lavender is thought to originate from the Latin “lavare”, meaning “to wash”. The name reflects the oil’s past-time purpose – once, Lavender Essential Oil was widely used in baths for its incredible soothing and fragrant qualities.

According to historians, Lavender Oil was used in mummification processes. Additionally, the Romans used Bio Lavender Oil in cooking, as well as implemented them in baths.

Lavender Oil Health Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Essential Lavender Oil is the most commonly used oil in the world, and not without a reason – Bio Lavender Oil has numerous health benefits. Below, we will familiarise you with but a few of them.

  • Bug Repellent

Surprisingly, the smell of Lavender Essential Oil can be used as a bug repellent. Mosquitoes, moths and midges can be chased away with the use of Lavender Essential Oil. What is more, Bulgarian Essential Oil can be used to soothe bug bites, as it has high anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Sleep Promoter

People suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders will find Lavender Oil incredibly beneficial. Lavender Essential Oil has amazing sleep-inducing qualities. Frequent use of lavender oil is proven to not only to increase sleep regularity, but also to improve sleep quality as well.

  • Stress and Anxiety Reliever

Organic Lavender Oil can also relieve anxiety and stress as well. Further, researchers have proven that the oil can alleviate migraines and headaches. On top of this, Bio Lavender Oil is an excellent depression reliever; it can be used as a nervous tension soother, too. Last, but not least, Lavender Essential Oil promotes mental activity.

  • Great for Hair

Lastly, Organic Lavender Oil is considered one of the best products for hair. To be more precise, Lavender Essential Oil is particularly effective on lice, as well as their eggs and nits. That is not all, though. Bio Lavender Oil is especially helpful in hair loss treatment. According to studies, alopecia patients can greatly benefit from Essential Lavender Oil, as it stimulates hair growth.

How Lavender is Cultivated

Lavender Oil PlantIt has been proven that the conditions in which the Lavender plant is cultivated greatly contribute to the quality of the distilled oil. In other words, climate, moisture levels, and some say that even cloud coverage could greatly contribute to (or decrease) the quality of Lavender Essential Oil.

Another thing to take into account is that soil can also affect the quality of Bio Lavender Oil. For example, high levels of nitrogen in the soil can make Lavender plants more prone to diseases. Additionally, it is said that the age of Lavender plants can also affect the quality and yield of the distilled oil.

Lavender plants are harvested between July and August. Harvests usually last between four and ten days, as the quality of the distilled oil could be impaired after a longer harvest period. Moreover, it is vital to harvest the plant when weather is good, i.e. it should not be hot, cold, or too windy.

Should Lavender plants be harvested by hand, the plants’ flower spikes are cut with shears or sickles. Should they be harvested via harvesters, the latter are driven through Lavender plant fields and plants’ stems are cut. The cut flowers are stored in carts before being taken to a distillery.

How Our Bio Lavender Oil is Extracted

Lavender Oil DestilationOur Bulgarian Bio Lavender Oil is extracted via a steam distillation method – it is proved to produce the highest quality of Essential Lavender Oil. How does steam distillation work?

Steam distillation involves placing huge amounts of lavender flowers (200 kg of lavender flowers are used to produce just 1kg of Lavender Essential Oil) in a large container filled with water. This mixture is then boiled and steam is produced.

Ensuring that we produce the highest quality of Bulgarian Bio Lavender Oil, we select only fresh lavender flowers for the steam distillation process. What is more, our wholesale produce is complied entirely of materials from the first distillation process, which produces the highest quality clear oil. By the way, second distillation produces slightly coloured oil whose scent is not as pleasant.

Why Bio Lavender Oil Is Better

Our Lavender Essential oil is made of 100 per cent natural substances. That is, our Bio Lavender Oil is extracted entirely from lavender plants. Our Bulgarian Essential Oil is extracted from lavender flowers exclusively too. With this in mind, our product is also completely safe for use.

Fragrance oils are oils which have been produced via artificial methods (in a laboratory). As they are made artificially, they are 100 per cent synthetic and they have none of the beneficial qualities of 100 percent Organic Lavender Oils. When purchasing Lavender Oil, it is always better to choose 100 percent Natural Lavender Essential Oils.


Organic lavender Bulgaria
Organic lavender Bulgaria
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